Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thoughts at 5am

No I'm not promoting for Ben & Jerry. But I got this message from my friend at 3am+ last night because she was craving for ice cream. She sent it via Whatsapp to a group chat. Because of this message alert, I woke up and wasn't able to get back to sleep till 5am!

When I grumbled to the group, another friend told me to silent my whatsapp alert, as according to her, "Whatsapp is nothing but another mode of communication. It's not life and death even if not attended to immediately".

I disagree, because why should I silent my whatsapp alert on the mobile phone just so that I don't get disturbed in the middle of the night? Due to the nature of my job, it can be a "matter of life and death", that's why I need to standby most of the time, which is why I rather not turn off the alert on my whatsapp. However, I do not wish to be awakened because of ice cream!

Anyway after I had fallen asleep again, I think about 5am+ or 6am+, in my drowsy sleepy mode, I heard a very familiar voice calling my name quite a few times. I was consciously still in my dream/sleep mode. I know the person very well, and I was very happy to hear 'that voice'.

So you see, the way we react, we can experience different moods from irritation to happiness within a very short span of time. We should try to tone down our excitement, both the good and bad. Once we contain our moods, we can manage our reaction better, as well as taming our mind.

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