Sunday, 30 March 2014

Month of March

Here's how my month of March went.

My guru Dagyab Rinpoche left Singapore after a month of teachings and initiations and CNY celebrations with us. I'm really grateful this time, Rinpoche taught something which I had wanted to ask and which he clarified through his teaching. I'm also blessed to have received from him a particular initiation I've been waiting for for a long time. 

A blessed long life puja offered to Dagyab Rinpoche. 

A new lease of new life after shifting to new office with a view. 

This period I particularly miss Lhamo very much. 

Celebrated my father's birthday after more than one month of being hospitalised. Hope he will recuperate well to be normal again. 

I have a liking for big breakfast set. Found a small joint selling hot dogs selling a whole day breakfast Big Brekky set for about $10. 

My cousin in Thailand got married with a beautiful grand wedding. May she and her hubby have a blissful marriage filled with love, happiness, and kindness. 

I'm beginning to like interesting pants. Here is a chequered one, haha. 

My all time favourite supper - Seng Kee kidney mee sua. I love to have supper with friends for a midnight chit chat over the weekend. 

Really grateful to this batch of monks from Gaden Shartse Monastery for being here this time. They were very hardworking, dedicated and very skilful in their pujas. 

Singapore is really beautiful in a different light at Marina Bay Sands. Recently in Huffnington Post,  MBS was listed by them to be one of the 19 places in Southeast Asia that will actually change your life. Haha! I laughed at this incredible claim but nonetheless we are so lucky to live in a clean city in Singapore. 

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