Friday, 4 April 2014

Around my old neighbourhood

I am nursing a bad cough. After more than 3 weeks of self medication and both Chinese and Western medicine, my cough still persisted. So I went back to my usual clinic in my old neighbourhood as they have my longest medical records plus list of drug allergies. And it was nostalgic visiting the place again...

First stop straight to the doctor's. Looking at their primitive software and old dot matrix printer over the counter,  I remember my first ex boss was the pioneer in the medical industry to develop a clinic software about 20 years ago, a system which could alert drug allergies of individual patients! I was the sales person in those days talking to specialists and GPs to computerise! Haha!

After seeing the doctor, I chanced upon a mobile nursery ! So interesting. I supposed it was owned by one of the stalls selling plants and flowers in the market. But it is a good idea to be able to have a mobile lorry/truck ferrying common plants around whenever you want to buy some for home. How wonderful if they could come to your door step and you pick and choose plants from what's available or you 'pre-order' the types of plants you are interested in before they come. Save transport and delivery costs. 

For old times sake, although I was going to the wet market for my brunch, I went to a coffee shop selling my favourite char bee hoon and black noodles. I ordered a packet to takeaway. Their noodles for breakfast are very popular in the morning and no where else comes close in terms of the taste. And they top the char bee hoon with fried tau kee. I could eat the noodles plain without any additional ingredients, just green chilli will do. 

Everytime I came back to my old neighbourhood I would order the fried carrot cake from Kim Lee. 

Still my favourite fried carrot cake with lots cai por and garlic and a little moist and fragrant soft with egg, only $2 a plate. 

A few stalls away from Kim Lee carrot cake stall, is the soya bean drinks stall which is still very popular and run by a few brothers. I always order their warm soya bean drink to go with my fried carrot cake. Still prefer the old traditional tau huay (soya beancurd) they are selling  than those soya bean pudding type popular nowadays. 
The Yong Tau Foo stall caught my attention, their variety of items very fresh and fast moving. They also serve in variety of soup; clear soup or dry, tomyam soup, laksa gravy, as well as others like ban mian and fish soup and fried chicken rice/noodles. 

I was greedy. Although I was full I ordered and tried a bowl of dry Yong Tau Foo with a few items without noodles. Yummy! 

Next stop, the Muslim stall to pack lunch for my father. Wow I always judge the popularity of a Muslim food stall with the variety of dishes served and they looked so fresh, delicious and inviting, plus a constant flow of customers. If my stomach could still take in, I would definitely order more! 

They wrapped the takeaway rice like a ball and the usual dishes I order would be the Sambal cuttlefish, begedel (fried potato), stirfry long bean/tempeh/fried beancurd, or fried chicken wing or mutton. Yums!

Chanced upon an old key duplicate shop and did extra keys. Anytime more friendlier than those commercialised shops in shopping malls. :) 

And in the midst of the crowd eating in the hawker centre there was a guy singing just outside the toilets. Playing the electronic organ with sound system and microphone, he belted out English oldies for entertainment and hopefully for some tips. 

By the way, my old neighbourhood is in Sims Drive, a small housing estate near Aljunied MRT station. 

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