Friday, 18 April 2014


Sometimes, life is so amazing. This morning when I woke up, I suddenly thought of a very close friend and missing this friend. Then within the next hour, the Universe miraculously brought news of this friend to me through some means which I shall not reveal here. Many times it has happened, whenever I think of someone and wonder how that person was, I would get the answer somewhat immediately. The power of the workings of the universe and the mind. I'm quite sure the other person knows too. Amazing. And you know what, it's times like this that keep me sane. No matter what, I know that things are fine. I'm a very loyal friend to those I trust and strongly believe in, especially those whom I share great camadarie with.

Anyway, I collated my shoes shots from Instagram and realised I didn't really snap too much of this view (compared to some bloggers). That's all I have, haha! 

If you notice, you'll know I love red shoes, 60% of my shoes in my cabinet are red/maroon/orange. All are flats. I used to love boots but it's too hot for our weather. And I'm having a current interest in pants with prints. Wheeee....

I still remember each time or occasion these shots were snapped; the top left was in MBS during the Grand Puja setup,  top 2nd was in the MRT on the way to work in my cargo pants and a black George flats, top right was a pair of cheap orange flats I found at $13. Middle left was my favourite Rockport maroon travelling shoes, was trying to warm them up before a trip. Middle 2nd was a pair of flats with green prints I like, only $9.90 after discount! Middle right was a chequered pants with my red Naturalizer flats. Bottom left was taken when I was donating blood wearing a fav red leather Kenneth Cole flats from Dubai which was hugely discounted. Bottom 2nd was a flexi pair of striking orange tods, an unforgettable pair (see right photo, boohoo!). Bottom right was my old reliable Crocs in a coach with Dagyab Rinpoche on the way to Kuala Lumpur! 

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