Saturday, 15 November 2014

Falling in love with less

OK I'm on a roll (blogging) here, but not sure how long I'll be inspired to write. I broke record this year for having blogged the least. I think I've lost plenty of readers but it's OK. You win some. You lose some. So enjoy my writing while you can. Haha!

Anyway I've been doing lots of spring cleaning since I'm stuck at home most of the time to take care of the father. Decluttering. I have packed the different areas of my house and threw away stuff that we no longer needed. I'm not a hoarder of stuff yet things just kept piling up; in the store room, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet and even the fridge. Desperately clearing yester-years junk. I'm not OCD about cleanliness. I just prefer a neat and tidy house which is not messed up so often. A clean slate physically also means a clean mental disposition, yo.

This was what I found - a small vintage suitcase which I bought about 20 years ago! Love the prints and leather trimmings. My sis has another one with different prints. I'm thinking to use it as a bedside table or something. Haven't decided.

I also found these plates which I bought from Turkey about 20 years ago too! One is made of porcelain painted with a tree of flowers. The other is made of heavy brass with very nice intricate carvings. Deciding where to hang them. The thing about items which should be hung on walls... I can't bear to drill a hole on my wall because I change the arrangement of my furniture pretty often. I can't possibly keep drilling. Maybe I'll use bluetak. :P

This is one part of my wall which is green and the other 3 sides are white. I can safely say my room is the neatest in my house. My quiet sanctuary of refuge and rest. 

I also cleaned up my fridge. Threw away stuff that were expired and packed items into tupperware boxes and sorted out everything, since we have 1001 tupperware. 

Every day I'm inundated with articles of life hacks for the house. Got the idea to hide all the wires and plugs in my chest drawer. Whatever that needs charging are all hidden and tugged away. No ugly sight of wires hanging all over the place.

While packing I found this very important turquoise mala with sentimental significance to me which has gone missing for almost a year! I thought I had dropped it while I was out. It was hiding inside an old hand bag all along. So relieved. I believe it has lots of wonderful powerful energy. 

Finally put up this beautiful painting of Shakyamuni Buddha with gold trimmings in my living room. Again. Did. Not. Drill. Hole. On. Wall. Yet. 

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