Tuesday, 30 August 2016

That little thing

This young monk is Charok Lama whose past life was a high practitioner and an old friend of my guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche's past life. He is around 20 years old.  Here is something from him which I found useful. (Sorry it may be a little blur as I could not find the text elsewhere).

 He likes to write little poems too and always with some special message behind it. 

A small light came to me,
And I just ignored it,
Thinking it's of no use
Cos the sun was always there,
But it kept following me,
And I kept ignoring it
Till I came across total darkness
And the sun was
nowhere to be seen,
That's when I saw
the little thing glow
And wow,
that little thing could glow.

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  1. Hi! This is truly a wonderful answer. You are right though that the image is a little blurry and for those of us who are slightly less than vigorous when it comes to the eyes I've written the whole thing down as text. Thanks for putting the image up in the first place I really needed it.

    How do you cope when you feel when you feel you have been betrayed by people you regard as your good friends?
    Charok Lama: I guess the main thing is that you first have to analyze the situation, such as even though you feel betrayed, maybe there was no betrayal from the other side or maybe there was some betrayal, yet he or she was unaware of betraying. I guess it comes down to how you want to take it in, which will affect the way you will act, judge and feel. Being human-beings with no control over the emotions, acts or behaviors they express, what we and others express are based on the correspondence of our and their level of consciousness at the very moment, and sometimes we focus too much on how we are feeling that we forget to take into consideration the fact as to why they or the other person did it, and maybe the act took part because the other person was unaware and maybe the act never happened and we ourselves considered the act to have happened.
    Now thinking this way makes it easier on you to deal with it then to judge another person and involve yourself in this act and make yourself a part of it. Your feelings will get worse if you keep on reminding yourself, therefore I think to cope with it, you are meant to dis-identify with the thought the mind is creating and become free by letting go being trapped in this particular thought, because the idea “That I was betrayed” is a dreadful burden to carry.
    We need to let go of our expectations that others will make things right, and instead make things right ourselves, and one of the best ways is through forgiveness. An easy way of forgiveness is to come to terms with the idea that the act was done unaware, unconsciously or when the person was not at a right state his/her consciousness.
    Now, forgiveness doesn’t mean to lose, to take the blame, to give up or to start everything all over again. People think forgiveness is a sign of weakness, but it actually takes a lot of courage and strength to forgive, and therefore I believe that forgiveness is actually a sign of strength.
    “You are one; others are countless.” Charok Lama


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