Friday, 6 July 2007

Happy Birthday to His Holiness!

Had a quiet but meaningful birthday, just as I wanted. Already went for dinner with family the day before. So on the actual day, I ran errands. Went to do my hair in the morning, had western lunch with Blur Friend (thanks for taking the trouble), went to change batteries for my watches, and afternoon went to the dentist to do fillings (remember having a healthy set of teeth is perenial to having good financial status? hehe). Went Parkway briefly. In the evening went for a special prayers session for His Holiness Dalai Lama's 72nd birthday - with 1000 offerings puja to Maitreya Buddha.

Yes His Holiness and I share the same birthday. Hence my birthday is meaningful with the puja. Also had a glimpse of the new ABC Building as I missed its opening last month when I was in Malaysia. I offered Blur Friend's red rose to the Buddhas, notice the only red rose among the sea of white and yellow flowers on the altar. Had a piece of His Holiness' blessed chocolate cake with strawberry too.

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