Sunday, 5 August 2007

HJ Maimunah

On a hot Saturday, my parents and I went for lunch at the popular HJ Maimunah Restaurant along Jalan Pisang (somewhere near Arab St). It was crowded as many hungry patrons queued up to order their Muslim dishes and then proceeded to pay at the counter before tucking in. It was almost all self service.

We ordered Ikan Bilis with Petai (fried anchovies with stink beans). This is one of my favourite Muslim dish. I like Petai because it is crunchy and the bitter taste contrasted to the sweet spicy taste of ikan bilis. Sometimes my mom cooks petai with sambal prawns which is yummy. Then there is Sambal Fish. The sour spicy gravy always goes appetisingly well with white rice. There is also Achar, a local salad with thin slices of carrot, cucumber, red chilli, pineapple sprinkled with peanut crumbs. Also the popular Tauhu Telor, fried beancurd shaped like a mountain sprinkled with slices of carrot, cucumber, taugeh and black sweet sauce. There is also the fragrant and hot Curry Chicken. The bill came up to only $21.60, including drinks!

My father likes spicy food and had 2 plates of rice! We were too full to order desserts by then. After that we went to Chinatown shopping, my parents' favourite place. To me it was where I get cheaper than normal shampoo, shower foam, accessories and beauty stuff. My mom bought her beads. We discovered another beads shop in Chinatown Point, in addition to Mix & Match in People's Park Center. So we had a nice leisurely afternoon.

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