Saturday, 4 August 2007

Training my mind

Late Friday night, during my long taxi ride to a midnight movie, the taxi driver was very talkative throughout the whole journey. One topic he mentioned was training one's mind. He said many people nowadays are very stressed Why? Because they are very negative. Why? Because to them everything that happens, they view them negatively instead of positively. Why? Because we humans tend to see everything in a negative light. Why? Because we do not know how to train our minds.

A problem is only bad if we view it so. He said we should learn to treat our problems lightly, look at it from another angle, then we may not feel so bad after all. What he talked about was the Buddhist way of thinking, but he didn't mention anything religious about what he said, as I half expected him to.

Yes on hindsight he is right. We should TRAIN OUR MIND, as everything is on our mind, not the external problem. Only our mind can resolve our problems. We humans do not know how to train our minds as compared to Buddha. That is the difference between the Buddha and us. That's why we are not Buddhas yet.

Maybe recently I have been quite negative towards certain issues or work or colleagues. How I felt was exactly because I have made things seemed so negative and hopeless. I should start searching inwards to my mind, before I blame everything on others.

So I guess I should be happy about my brief encounter with the taxi man. Maybe he is a modern day bodhisattva or angel in disguise.

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