Thursday, 16 August 2007

Oiishi !

Celebrated one of the colleagues' birthday at my favourite Japanese restaurant, Kai Ho, the other day. My all time favourite is the Bento Set which comprises of huge fresh tempura prawns, few slices of raw sashimi, its toufu salad, rice with a piece of california maki, and the Chawanmushi and soup. At $19.50 per set, its really value for money and the quality is fantastically good. You can choose any 2 of the Unagi or Tempura Prawns or Sashimi.

My colleague tried the Sukiyaki Beef set which was good according to her. I don't take beef. The ala carte dish like the stir fried udon is fantastic. The Katsu Don is a huge piece of fried juicy pork. One of my fav is also the potato salad. The tempura prawns are one of the best around town. There are a few other ala carte dishes which I often order but will take the pictures some other time.

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