Sunday, 16 September 2007

Good house hunting

I didn't know choosing a house unit can be such a hassle. I shall be moving house soon probably in early 2008. And the government has assigned an place for us near central Singapore, which is just next to a MRT station, very convenient and just 3 stops away from city. But just deciding on which unit to select can be so mind boggling, and plus the fact that my queue number is right at the end, last few days (no thanks to computer balloting), I will be left with not much choice of which unit and higher floors.

In addition, I am a sucker for Feng Shui. I need to ensure I pick the RIGHT house, else risking my fortunes for the next few years to come. I believe Feng Shui does affect some 40% of one's luck. I got my master to pick some units for me based on the units layout on the map. But lo and behold, when I did an actual mapping of the direction with a compass on the external unit and downstairs, the directions seemed different, thus changes the interpretation of each unit! My master said even then, when we take measurement downstairs or outside the unit (as the keys are not available yet) the actual direction may still differ compared to taking the direction inside the house. So lo and behold, end up looks like I need to plot my own flying stars chart based on some units, based on Period 8 stars, and taking into consideration of the wealth area, whether my main door falls under a loss area or wealth, whether certain directions are good for me and family, whether the front view is blocked, whether this and that etc etc.

On top of this, aethestically speaking, must also consider whether my unit will get the morning sun or affected by the afternoon sun, whether the unit is windy enough or plain stuffy, whether my neighbour is a neat or clutter the outside, whether higher units are brighter or lower units are passable, whether facing the nice view on some lower units compared to higher units with normal view, making note of which units are facing the directions which I want etc. All these made my weekends very busy checking out the place, taking compass directions, asking for advise from those who have moved in.

At least my master sms me this assuring reply: "You buy the apartment first. Then do the fengshui. The Buddha will protect you and bless you with a good house".

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