Sunday, 14 October 2007


11 October was also the day I finally signed for my new house, after more than one month of frenzy anxiety in searching and researching for a good unit. Of course the best units have been taken by the time it was my turn to choose. But I think I was still lucky enough to find the unit which was not blocked by anything, which did not get the West afternoon sun, which is more quiet than the other blocks and very convenient. And I was lucky to get at least a 6th storey unit and not lower, and considering I was the second last Chinese to be able to get an unit in that particular block, I was really lucky. The other remaining blocks would be facing the afternoon sun which is very hot. My new house faces the East which enjoys the morning sun and is cool and windy throughout the day. Although MRT is conveniently located near my house, the train was hardly a murmer when it wheezes by. My family was very excited and relieved and now cant wait to take our keys and move in! And we got our house on the lunar date - 1st day of the 9th lunar month. Very auspicious.

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