Monday, 8 October 2007


Today was a weird day. I woke up and my left eye lid was twitching so badly the whole day. Yes that tiny area under my eye was actually twitching vehemently, as if something is gonna happen, which I felt was more bad than good. I tried very hard not to be superstitious (left eye twitching doesnt foretell good news).

I went to an ATM to withdraw some cash. Somehow I forgot the password, and after the 3rd attempt, the machine ate my card up. So I made my way to the bank to ask for the return of the card and a new pin. They said the earliest I could get it was the next day. So cashless, I proceeded to another ATM from another bank. After a long queue, the machine became spoilt when it was my turn. Cursing under my breath, I walked a distance before I found another machine. This machine ran out of cash. Finally I got cash from yet another machine and proceeded to make deposit cash to pay a bill. The stupid machine could not recognise one of my dollar notes for quite a few tries. Finally I finished my chore, and it rained heavily. So I was stuck, with no umbrella and couldn't get back to office, and without lunch some more. At that moment, I couldn't help but wonder are the heavens crying for me or with me??

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  1. Hi. Thank you for linking me :). You have a very interesting blog. Just my 2cents..a person is going thru eye are luck (physiognomy) when they are in their 30s. When eyelids flickers, it means minor obstacles will be experience. If not 30s, this area is also the Property palace. Minor issues related to property. Take care!


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