Friday, 2 November 2007

Appreciating others

This evening ,thanks to Miss Piggy, I forced myself to go for prayers. Tonight is the Leng Chag Torma Puja, for debt clearing for our past lives. Been feeling pretty frustrated lately so I desperately needed to do something, to clear any obstacles that I may be facing right now. Whenever I need a close friend to talk to at a time like this, why is it he/she is always not available, or otherwise preocupied with their own stuff?

Read this short para from Master Lynn's weekly thought:

"Everyday we go through our life just working, attending meetings, having lunch meetings or dinner meetings etc but do we spare some time away to pay attention to the 'auntie' who comes to give you that cup of coffee or the auntie who cleans your office toilet ? Did you smile to her and say 'thank you'? Or when you go to a restaurant to have your dinner and did you 'smile' to the manager who brings you to your table or say 'thank you' to the waitress who comes and pour some tea for you ? "

"I can bet you – not many people know 'how to smile' or even to 'say thank you' to these people ? Isn’t it sad ? But why should we do it ? We should DO it because it is about LEARNING how to 'appreciate the people around you' – every second of the day. Once you have learnt this 'art of appreciating', then your GOOD FORTUNE will come…… it also means that you have also learnt how to be 'compassionate' to others around you, and do REMEMBER - These are the people sent to you by the UNIVERSE up there to tell you something about you or to let you know something. So learn to listen to all the VOICES around you.

Yes I should learn to appreciate others more, instead of finding faults. Yes I should remember how I appreciated others before. Now, do those that I care about, ever appreciated me too?

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