Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The black dot on white paper

I came across this office today. A nice, very simple and primitive design - in white and black. Simplicity and quiet permeates the room. It's the room you see when you enter the office, the rest of the office is at the back. Goes to show there is no need to spend an exorbitant sum to decorate an office too.

Which reminds me.... our own office needs to be "upgraded" soon as it's getting a bit too squeezy for comfort as more and more people join us. Either we take over the bigger unit next door or we find another place. In 2 years time, if all goes well and as planned, we should be moving to an even bigger and new building which we can hopefully call our own. I don't care wherever we move, so long the fengshui is good!

Anyway don't you think this room reminds you of the black dot and white paper analogy? Adapted from this blog.

On a piece of white paper, there is a black dot on the centre of the paper. Do you see the black dot, and yet didnt notice the white paper?

How you view things is also how you view your life, which is like the big white piece of paper waiting for you to write your future on. And the obstacles, challenges, and misery that you face are represented by the small black dots. You are the one who have to decide what to do with those dots. It's a complete waste if you throw away the paper just because of the black dot.

Same goes for your life. Will you ever give up just because of one small obstacle in life? Of course the existence of those dots is undeniable, but instead of making more of them appear, look at them in a different perspective. An optimistic person always can see opportunities within any challenges, while a pessimistic person can only see challenges within any opportunities. Somebody may ask me if the paper has too many dots, shouldn't we discard it?! Well, then you merge it with other pieces of paper to make the paper wider, and those black dots will become smaller. That is what friends are for. Always stick together, and every challenges you face will seem to be non-existent.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts"~ Winston Churchill

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