Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Mysticism on mystic knot

Recently I bought a small pouch to store my mala beads for prayers, because the older pouch was getting worn out. I did not want to just use any other existing pouches because no matter what, the mala beads is a holy object. And holy objects should be treated with respect, it must be pure and clean wherever it is placed. And my mala beads has been blessed by many gurus and high lamas. It is one object that is very precious to me.

This red pouch has a mystic knot on it and the zip behind, tied with a chinese coin and chinese red ribbon. It looks very "cheena" with the red and traditional mystic knot but I like it very much. Love at first sight.

The Mystic Knot is one of the most often used symbols. Being a combination of six times the infinity symbol, this feng shui knot symbolizes a long and happy life full of good fortune. The Mystic knot is sometimes called the endless knot as it is said to "swallow its own tail".

In Buddhism, the mystic knot is one of the 8 magical auspicious objects. It reflects the Buddhist philosophy that existence is one endless round of birth and rebirth. In spiritual tradition, this knot is often regarded as lucky knot.

At a less spiritual level; the knot is the perfect emblem for undying love. It is a symbol suitable for ensuring that the romance in marriage will last. It represents a long life uninterrupted by separation, heartbreak, setback or suffering. A symbol for longevity and endless togetherness and also signifies good health. As a feng shui cure, the mystic knot represents a harmonious flow of auspicious energy uninterrupted by any setbacks, accidents or misfortunes.

It is believed that the presence of the feng shui mystic knot will benefit every aspiration of your life.

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  1. Your explanation is very good. I have a mystic knot just like the one on your pouch tattooed on my back just between my shoulder blades.


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