Sunday, 14 June 2009


When I got home last night, I immediately went to sign up for my username in Facebook, which was launched some 12 hours before, and luckily my "name" was still available. In Facebook, there are at least 6 persons with the same name and surname as me, so I did not want to take any chances. Well, this username is going to stick with you for life, even if you delete your FB account next time, you cannot get the same username anymore. Facebook succeeded in pushing up the hype on this.

I also did it for my niece and nephew as they already have existing accounts. Even though their names are pretty unique, I registered for them anyway, so that next time when they grow older, they can still make use of their URL in Facebook.

Read in that there is even an username that is.....

......a creative move by this lady called Christine Shipley. She is Miss "Default"! LOL!!!

Ok, shoo, scram...... go and get yours fast if your name is a common one!

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