Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Bright eyed girl

Mom found some photos of niece when she was a baby, and we oohh and aahh over the chubby curly hair girl again.

This is my favourite photo of the lot. She was really a bubbly, happy, smiley girl with hardly any temper or tantrum.

She was a breeze to take care of, she was always chuckling when you talked to her. And she slept like a log that no one could wake her up till she had her beauty sleep, no matter how much we shook her, tickled or disturbed or rocked her.

She was chubby and fair, and during her first 5 years, strangers always found it hard to resist a pinch or two on the cheeks. Many thought she was of mixed blood.

This is Mom's favourite photo of her. Niece with her curly mane.


  1. wow! she is so beautiful. love her curly hair, her eyes, her eyebrow and eyelashes. you sure not mix blood arh?

  2. Confirmed not mixed blood, haha. She is a darling


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