Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The day after 20092009

My parents had not taken a ride on the Singapore Flyer yet.  After all the online buzz these few days about people going on the Flyer, I thought why not bring them for a ride, since it was a long weekend. Morever, the Singapore Flyer was having some promotions this month, and also my parents enjoyed senior citizens' rates, and OCBC cards had 20% discount too.

Thought today was going to be very hot. But shortly after lunch time, when we got on our capsule, the weather was splendidly fine, not much sun, not going to rain yet.  Can see the old folks were a little excited prior the ride. Probably they have heard so much about the Flyer but had never thought they were going to be up there (after the unfortunate Flyer fiasco last year). We were lucky to have the capsule all to ourselves. I saw the other capsules were filled with people. Hmm... yes!! I felt excited for them even though this was my second time on the Flyer (the other time was I brought my cousin from Thailand who was here for a visit). 

As soon as the ride started, the camwhoring began. I snapped so many photos of the old couple, making them pose here and there, haha!! My father himself was busy shooting from his mobile. I even managed to use the self-timer to take a couple of shots for the 3 of us. Even took them with the future IR mock up behind.

But they had time to sit, to take in and to enjoy the beautiful skyline 360 degrees. This my poor attempt of a pananomic shot, raw cut and paste. :P 

They were talking about the new IR. Mom asked why we need to pay $100 entrance fee to the new casino next time. She was "concerned" and I knew why. She is a jackpot fanatic recently as she always win a little playing jackpot. Her most recent win was US$200 just 2 weeks ago. LOL!

This was my favourite shot of the oldies, macam in a space ship. Haha! Later I was surprised they did not object to buying the souvenir photos the Flyer people took for us. The oldies chose 4 photos (the size of a credit card) of the 3 of us in 4 different backgrounds. I am going to scan the 4 small photos, and then I am going to let each of us keep one, and the last one to be made into a fridge magnet. Then I save money, no need buy magnet from Singapore Flyer. Ingenious, hor?  :D

The ticket as souvenir or fridge magnet too. I like the concept and strategy the people at Singapore Flyer is adapting. The marketing, the aggressive promotions, dine-in-capsule packages, tour packages, restaurants and shops to complement, you know, the whole works, so that it is "a moving experience at every turn". But somehow, I still feel something is amiss.  

Ok, need to complain a little now. We had our lunch at the Singapore Flyer before our ride, and we decided on Madam Lin, which looked something a little higher class than a foodcourt, but cheaper than the other expensive restaurants. There was fast-food Popeyes next door.

Madam Lin sells mostly local chinese food. Father chose the Beef Brisket rice ($5.90). Mom chose the Soy Sauce Chicken Rice ($4.90). The portions were quite small and they tasted quite normal. Now when it came to my turn to order, for the first time in one month being a temp vegetarian, I did not know what to eat! Every item was with meat or fish. Nothing for vegetarians. Not even a salad. I ended with no choice but to order the "Mixed Vegetables" (that was a side dish) and I ordered a small bowl of plain rice which was $1.00!!! I was shocked that the mixed veggies came as-is, just plain steamed, with no sauce, nothing. Not even stir-fried, nothing. It was so bland, even worse than hospital food!! And I had to pay $3.50 for this! I might as well eat plain rice with some black soya sauce!!! I was terribly disappointed with Madam Lin and food. I left, feeling  hungry still. Singapore Flyer should review their choice of tenants and the quality of food they serve, if they want to attract more visitors.


  1. Was there a crowd? If yes, then no quality control but good thing is my parents ather have popeyes rather than ulu never head before restaurant... It's ok. Once bitten forever shy...

  2. Worse thing is, absolutely no crowd *roll eyes* Shd've gone to Popeyes

  3. Are local eateries open to preparing something just for vegetarians? I always thought of asking but i reckon i might draw a blank instead with lots of huhhh like that ah... so i never bothered to ask.

    Was wondering if you've tried requesting before?

  4. I think some of them are open if I ask, but majority (esp with younger service staff) will give me a "huh?". On flights, definitely a yes but you must request at the point of check-in. And the plus point of being vegetarian on flights is, you are the first to be served before the normal crowd. Haha.

    In local restaurants, usually I do not ask as I can still find some items that are non-meat.


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