Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Nom nom nom

About 3-4 weeks into my vegetarian diet, I think my taste buds are getting more sensitive. When I accidentally ate a spoonful of my mom's vegetable salad, there was a tiny speck of hidden tuna and immediately I spit it out. Although I did not swallow the tuna, I somehow found it to be very fishy. Another time, I was cooking pork rib lotus root peanut soup for the family. After adding salt, I tasted a little of the soup to see if the seasoning was ok. Immediately I felt breathless, as if something was stuck in my throat. I felt uncomfortable for a few minutes. Yet another time, I dribbled a little gravy of the braised soya pork dish which mom cooked onto my rice, again I felt breathless for the next few seconds, as if something was gagging my throat. I had to re-scoop a plate of fresh rice and abandon the earlier one with gravy (even though I did not touch any meat at all). So, my taste buds are getting more sensitive and I think that is a good thing. Then I can stick to "pure" vegetarian dishes.

What I had recently.....

Chanced upon a stall selling Ku Chai Kueh and ordered that for my dinner. Came in 5 pieces for $3.00. Ku Chai Kueh is one of my favourite savoury kueh made of chopped chives and mushroom inside.  Outside, they added black sweet sauce and chilli and sesame seeds. I still prefer the home made ones by my grandma. 
Another day I had potato salad, which was a big portion of salad, chunky potatoes with cream and hard boiled eggs. It was nice and refreshing, just that I had to dig out the bacon bits on top.
Nothing beats cooking my own pasta. I stir fried them. I have 2 types of pasta leftover, so I mixed both types and added shitake mushroom, young corn, red capsicum and chinese mushrooms.
I love the colour of this Mixed Veggies - french beans, brown button mushrooms, carrots and chinese mushrooms. It may seem that I use more or less the same vegetables each time, but there are different ways to cook the veggies and they taste differently.
This is Sambal Brinjal. Decided to cook brinjal I found in the fridge. My sambal chilli, I did not need to add the dried shrimps (hae bee), and they tasted just as nice. I did added lots of chopped onions and garlic as well as mushroom sauce and a little sugar though.
My all time favourite when I run out of vegetarian things to eat - just plain porridge with some dishes, like braised beancurd skin, stir fried bittergourd, and spinach or kang kong. Plain porridge is good to quench thirst as well as clean the internal system. 

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