Sunday, 25 October 2009

Whether you "Like" it or not

We know there is this feature in Facebook which there is a "Like" button we can click under every status, or remark or photo or any action posted by your FB friends. That is, if we "like" any of the posts they make.

Let me introduce the characters. I have 4 FB friends A, B, C, D, all of whom do not know each other, and they have a mutual friend called XX, who is not my friend in FB list.  It happened that when I was conversing with A that I noticed that XX is her friend. In A's FB wall, XX clicked "Like" in almost whatever she posted.  Then I was commenting about something on B's wall. Again I noticed XX also knows B as well and XX clicked "Like" in everything on B's wall.  The same goes to C and D. And I won't be surprised to see XX in many many of my other friends' walls as well, doing the same thing...... Seeing so many "Like"s everywhere just made me wonder what the hell is this bugger XX trying to do! Which kind of irks me and made me want to ask XX, "are you for real or just playing around?" Irritating.  I hope for example, if one of his friends write on his/her status "going for major operation tomorrow", he will absent-mindedly click "Like"! I think this is a nice feature but over-used by overzealous people sometimes.

Makes me wish Facebook can give us some more buttons, like "Hate", "Funny!",  "OMG!" or "ROTFL!" ?  Better still, Facebook should give us a template so that we can customise our own one-word buttons in FB. If I am able to do so, I would create and click "Lame!" after XX's "Like".  Haha!

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