Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Working OT

Gosh, my mind must be working overtime lately as almost every night I have dreams, some very vivid, some I cannot recall at all.

Last night I had a dream again. I forgot what happened in the beginning of the dream. Then I was in this very modern and beautiful apartment. There were many big comfy-looking sofas around, and an entire stretch of windows in front revealed the most beautiful seaside I ever seen. The water was blue, and the sand was almost white. There was no trees or greenery. Just the beautiful blue sea and skies. 

I was wandering and exploring the huge luxurious apartment with many rooms. I was gazing at 2 different sets of sofas for some time, which I was thinking should be arranged in another way.  Then someone appeared, a woman whom I did not know, she was talking to me about something. Then it occurred to me that this was actually a house-office apartment. This big apartment was actually my office!
Then I got out of the apartment, and suddenly I was at a huge place which looked something like a cargo warehouse. It was so huge that I kept walking and walking.   
I was supposed to attend a meeting with someone. Another lady appeared and seemed to be talking to me about work. Then I saw my friend, P, appeared too. It seemed that P was also my colleague or staff. P was saying something to me, again I did not understand what. After a while, a man in his 40s or 50s appeared and I think he was supposed to be my boss, as introduced by the other lady. The man was smiling with mouth wide open, revealing a missing tooth. He was, however, very courteous to me. But in the dream, somehow, I felt uncomfortable with him. I felt he had a sneaky smile and felt he had some motive/agenda.  As I walked with him and the other lady and P, I was asking the lady questions about the boss (the man himself did not hear what I was asking). In my mind, I was trying to piece together his name, his looks, his background. Somehow I felt I saw him before or knew him before somewhere previously. Then abruptly, I remembered! He was some kind of a crook or criminal who had committed a crime before. I shuddered at the thought. As I planned my exit, I told P... "I want you to get out of here as fast as possible".   

Aiyoh!!! I hope I don't meet this kind of man in real life!    

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