Thursday, 8 October 2009

Food on the fly

I like to experiment by cooking. I am not as experienced as a chef. I only go by gut feel, what ingredients to use to go with what condiments. I do not really follow the rule/recipe all the time. Also I do like to take the easy way out, meaning sometimes I will get ready-made sauces (because the preparation of complicated sauces is totally a waste of time to me). I only try to be creative in the types of fresh ingredients I use. Or I try to emulate what is being used in the restaurants and other nice eating places. So here are some dishes I cooked recently, food on the fly.... must be fast and fuss-free.

Japanese Curry. I got a pack of Japanese curry powder. Ingredients used: Chicken, potatoes, carrots, all cut into cubes. Condiments: Chopped onions, Japanese Curry Pack. As we know, Japanese curry is not spicy at all. I quite like it and tasted almost like those selling in Japanese restaurants. Goes well with plain rice.

Bok Choy Stir-fry. Ingredients used: Bok Choy and Chinese Mushrooms, cut into strips. Condiments: Chopped garlic, Mushroom Sauce, Corn flour. I love my greens, any type of vegetables in fact. The bok choy was crunchy with the fragrance from the mushrooms. A little corn flour was mixed with water and added into the dish just before it was ready, to make the taste of the dish "more smooth". (In fact, corn flour is used for any stir fry veggies below as well).

Beansprouts with Fried Beancurd. Ingredients: Bean Sprouts, Fried Beancurd, Tomatoes. Condiments: Chopped garlic, salt, mushroom sauce, cornflour.  Had to fry the cut up cubes of fried beancurd (Tow Kwa) first, then drain out of wok. Next was to fry the chopped garlic, then all the ingredients are added, throw in the condiments, according to taste.  

Honey Glazed Pork Ribs.  Ingredients : Pork Ribs, Garlic.  Condiments : Ready pack honey sauce, sesame oil, light soya sauce, pepper. Pour hot boiling water onto pork ribs to remove its "bloody smell". Then marinate with sesame oil, light soya sauce and a little pepper, leave for 30 minutes or more. Coat the pork ribs with cornflour and stir fry till the ribs are almost cooked. Pour in the honey sauce and mix well. Cut garlic and stir fry and all onto ready pork ribs.  I could not eat meat so I am not sure how this tasted but my family did not complain, so it means it must be good!

Szechuan Veggies Stir-Fry. Ingredients; Szechuan veggies, fried beancurd, pork, chinese mushroom (optional). Condiments: Chopped garlic, mushroom sauce (if necessary), cornflour. Soak szechuan veggies for 30 minutes before cutting into strips, as they are salty. Fry strips of fried beancurd till slightly golden and sieved up. Add in garlic to stir fry followed by strips of pork, szechuan vegies, mushrooms, and beancurd. This is one of my favourite dish, goes very well with plain rice or porridge.  I fry my portion without pork.

China Cabbage with Mock Abalone. Ingredients: China Cabbage, Chinese Mushroom, Mock Abalone (from can). Condiments: Chopped garlic, mushroom sauce (if necessary), cornflour. This veggie dish is "sweet" to me because of the juicy china cabbage, mixed with juicy mushroom and the soft juicy sweet mock abalone. Yum yum!

Kimchi. I did not make this of course (don't be silly). An aunt made loads of fresh kimchi which she gave to us. It was really fresh and crunchy. It will go very well with BBQ pork wrapped in lettuce!  Next time I am going to make BBQ pork ala-Korean style and have them with raw lettuce and kimchi. 

Mock Duck Noodles. Haha, yes even instant noodles you can be innovative. I added mock duck and some greens on the otherwise boring instant noodles. I made the dry version. I mixed sesame oil with little chilli and ketchup before the cooked noodles were added in. I cooked the mock duck and veggies separately before adding onto the noodles.  Food on the fly, remember?  


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