Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Both are same as one

I got to know 2 stranger friends in Facebook many months ago. They both added me around the same time. I was told they are both acquaintances. Both are nice persons. But as time passed, as I got to chat with both of them individually and got to know them better, I began to suspect they are both the same person. I did not set out to find out, but discovered it unwittingly. The tell-tale signs were there, and/or ...... I am clever, haha!

1. Both are from the same religion.
2. Both are on the verge of breaking up with their boyfriends.
3. Both boyfriends are insanely possessive.
4. Both told me they felt "suffocating" with their boyfriends.
5. Both are pretty.
6. Both like to add tons of people in FB.
7. Both named the same hotel when I asked for buffet recommendation.
8. Both have insomnia problem, hardly sleep at night.
9. Both type the first letter in first word in Caps, when chatting.
10. Both have same expression and usage of words.
11. Both have same problem with their MSN.
12. Both have same innocent style when they ask a question.
13. Both like to use pink font.
14. Both are about the same age.
15. Both have about the same temper (I know what to say to rile them).
16. Both stay in the east.
17. Both work for the property industry.
18. Both are using Blackberry.
19. Both said the same thing when I asked one about the other, "I seldom talk to her".
20. Both can suddenly become polite and said "thanks" followed by "cheers!"
21. Both type "yup" spelt as "yap".
22. One seems to know what I was talking about a particular topic, when it was the other I told.

Lastly, only the original person has posted photos of her daily life, while her unreal persona has posted only beautiful studio-like photos of herself (wonder where she gets the photos of another beautiful person). There were many other little bits of information when we chatted that I picked up and thus I safely concluded, they are both actually..... the same as one. There were many more instances I found out through pure coincidences, but I cannot recall them now.

Anyway, I have stopped chatting with the non-existent one and talking to the original instead. I have not come to a point where I want to ask her why she is doing that.  She is a nice person, and I have spoken to her over the phone when she wanted to ask me about something. Don't think I want to let her know that I know, unless maybe if we become closer friends.

So, am I clever or am I clever?  o_O

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