Sunday, 31 January 2010

Damn good or not?

I went for a food tasting session at Botak Jones yesterday. I brought my mom along too. Botak Jones has become a household name for offering quality American meals with value-for-money prices in everyday setting, which means coffee shops and eating houses. We were there to sample Botak Jones' new set lunch meals for each day of the week. 

Here are the entrees:

Monday - Honey Baked Chicken

Tuesday - Beef Stew

Wednesday - Tomato Chicken Stew

Thursday - Mexican Chicken

  Friday - Cajun Fish Stew

Above set lunches come with Soup, Salad & Dessert

As typical of Botak Jones, their meals come in astronomical portions. With the salad, soup and dessert thrown in, I think the portion of a set meal is filling enough and equivalent to 2 meals for me!

Of all the entrees, my personal favourite was the Cajun Fish Stew, which was simply soft and fragrant, infused with the right amount of spices and aromatic vegetables like bell pepper, onion and celery. It went very well with garlic bread and the mushroom soup. 

My mom's favourite was the Beef Stew (I do not take beef). According to mom, the Beef Stew was so tender and juicy, cooked to the right heat, with mouth-watering piping hot gravy. I would have preferred the beef stew and fish stew to come with a little rice because of the gravy. However the stews were teamed with bread instead, while the 'dry' meals like the Honey Baked Chicken and Mexican Chicken come with rice.

Here's the man himself, Botak Jones!  He is the big boss, Bernie Utchenik “The Botak”. Thanks for the invitation and for having us at yesterday's session!  

By the way, Botak Jones also does catering. You can check out their website for more details. As their motto goes, they serve "damn good food at a damn good price".

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  1. yeah.... i love their fries... though the serving has reduce much from last time.... i think can request for more fries FOC but dun seem to see that anymore...

    well, it's been a while since my last visit... maybe it's time to check out Botak Jones once again.... maybe after i recover from my sore throat first... heehee...


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