Friday, 12 February 2010

Who's in da house?

Yesterday morning, woke up at about 6am from a restful sleep of about 5, 6 hours. Haven't been doing that for some time. The past few weeks, mostly I couldn't sleep till 3-4am. So now I am trying to make sure I'm worn out by 12 midnight every night so that I had get at least 6 hours of sleep.

At 6am yesterday, I woke up fully charged, tweeted and sent some messages and I dozed off again for a bit. Then I had a short dream or it was because I could not remember most part of the dream.

I was at home. I saw many people filling into my living room. Then just as quickly, I saw the center of my house evolved into a swimming pool which was not too deep, probably around the waist level. Then I saw the people who were at my house, mostly strangers, all jumped into the pool to play with the water, still fully clothed. Funny thing was, they were all wearing a white top. Then I started seeing foam evolving from the water. They were having a foam pool party! Then someone handed me something, a piece of crumpled paper. As I unfolded the paper, it was actually a 4D lottery ticket! However, there was no number printed on it!

I was just an observer as I watched the people having fun right inside my house filled with laughter and squeals of delight. Then I walked passed my bedroom. I opened the door. There was nothing in my room, no bed, no cupboard, no table etc.... Basically it was an empty room. Then I saw a friend at one corner of my room. I recognized the friend because of the khaki army blouse she was wearing. She was just sitting quietly at the corner, not doing anything, not talking, relaxed but with a somewhat far away look on her face. I did not talk to her. I was just wondering what she was doing there. Then, end of dream.

Again I'm not too sure of the significance of this dream. Am I going to strike lottery (hehe) with the appearance of the lottery ticket? Morever there was the swimming pool inside my house. Water means wealth, no? I remember every CNY I would dream of something related to lottery. No, I have not strike it rich yet. Bah!

Then the appearance of this friend for the very first time in my dreams. There is something in my subsconscious mind telling me something but I cannot be sure at this moment. Probably it was the string of events that happened that led to this dream, the fluctuating extreme states of emotions related to this friend. I'll just have to monitor and see what happens next. I hope she is alright. And it had to be this friend whom I told, I didn't want and better not to have her in my dreams! Haha! An irony which I do not wish to partake in.
I got to know a doctor a few days ago, a meek and calm lady. She was very gentle and soft spoken. As we chatted, she told me she was actually a general practitioner with her own clinic practice in Ubi. However on the side, she was also into psycho spiritual healing, reiki, dream yoga, counselling and a whole lot of other stuff which I can't even recall the terms now. She said although she practises western medicine, but medicine is but an only temporary relief. Rather, she believes tuning into the energies of our body and the energies around us as well as the energies of the objects we are in touch with everyday, which is a more natural way of healing. I am not familiar with the healing methods but I was really interested that I paid full attention to whatever she said.

Then we talked about dream yoga and I told her about some of my dreams, both spiritual and non spiritual. She was surprised at some of my dreams. She said some dreams can foretell impending events, some dreams are the result of the disturbed mind, some dreams connect you to past lives, some dreams are conveyed to you from higher beings etc.... She believed there are messages the dreams were trying to convey, but that I needed to find the way to interpret them, through the subconscious mind. This is because each individual's dreams are different and we need to find the formula unique to us. She urged me to record every bits of the dreams I had (I replied yes, they  are all in my blog!). She told me I looked young for my age and she said actually when she first saw me, she had thought about recommending me to a dream yogi (someone who can help to decipher dreams by teaching the methods), even before we started talking! Wow, I was a little blown away by her observation. Shall see what's in store next.

The goal of dream yoga is to achieve enlightenment.  - Tenzen Wangyal

The waking state is not permanent. It comes and goes every twenty four hours. And yet, according to the great sages, there is something in us that is “always conscious,” that is literally conscious or aware at all times through all states, waking, dreaming, sleeping. And that “ever present awareness is Spirit in us”. That underlying current of constant consciousness (or non-dual awareness) is a direct and unbroken ray of pure Spirit itself. It is our connection with the higher being.  - Ken Wilbur
Ken Wilber

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