Friday, 9 July 2010

The day we went Astons

The day before my birthday, had dinner with the family at Astons Specialities, the family-friendly restaurant. I do not like to go to expensive places especially on my birthday, so that we do not need to spend too much. I actually suggested another new coffeeshop-style restaurant which sells Penang dishes and tze-char style dishes I wanted to try, but sis said choose another place. Then we wanted to go try A Pinch of Salt (another cafe style restaurant) but it was closed.  We passed by Astons which is famous for their steaks and prime ribs. Incidentally it did not have a queue as usual, so we decided there and then. Ironically, we did not order any steaks or ribs that day. I do not take beef, and coincidentally the rest of the family did not order those either.

The restaurant was too dim to take nice photos and we all know I have yet to buy a new camera! These are taken with the iPhone. My nephew the rascal refused to pose for pictures, so I showed his t-shirt instead. Haha!

In Astons, you could choose 2 sides to got with your main dish. This was the Chargrill  Chicken which was nicely marinated and grilled, with the Potato Salad and Onion Rings as the sides.

The Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread, French Fries were all the side dishes.  Niece ordered the Crispy Fried Fish and I ordered the Double Up Chicken which included 2 pieces of chicken I could choose. I ordered Teriyaki Chicken and Lemon Lime Chicken. 

The Salmon Spaghetti looked really delicious with generous helpings of chunky pieces of salmon.

This was the Black Pepper Chicken with Tasty Rice (yes it's called tasty) and House Salad.

Next was the Grilled Pepper Fish with Mashed Potato and Tasty Rice.

Another was the Chargrill Chicken with Garden Veggies and Mashed Potato.

Lastly this was the Hickory BBQ Chicken with Baked Potato and Coleslaw. Hmm... we are really a 'chicken & fish' family. A pity Astons does not serve desserts, because we are definitely a desserts family.  :P

If you love steak, you could try the Wagyu Beef Steak from Astons Prime. I stole this pix from Sheylara.  Erm.... no, I don't miss eating steak. Want to know why?

Or you could try their famous ieat Super Burger, whom Astons had named after the famous ieatishootipost who first instigated them to create this over-the-top burger.

Happy Eating!


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