Friday, 23 July 2010

Meet Steve Jobs and have iPad Thai!

Today is the launch of iPad in Singapore. I heard that long queues had already formed long before all the Apple shops opened their doors this morning. And all iPads have already flown off the shelves.

Here is the big boss of one of the greatest consumer electronics company of all time, Steve Jobs. I saw from The Cook's Den how the chef, a fan of the Apple family, paid homage to this King.....

.... by making a cheese head out of Steve! The chef used mozzarella cheese.... he said "Mozzarella has the right consistency, is pliable when melted slightly, and its pasty-white color matches the skin tone of many a computer geek like Steve and myself". I really had a good laugh. So which kind of cheese suit the skin tone of Asians?

This is the Apple Cheese Plate! Beautiful. And if you do not mind chomping Steve's head, the beard (I mean pepper!) adds some zing to the somewhat-bland mozzarella.

And because it is the launch of the iPad, the chef is serving the iPad Thai of course!

I think this is my favourite - the Spicy Steve Nachos Supreme! Marvelously served with jalapenos, tomatoes, sour cream, olives, tortilla chips and of course Mozarella Head!

But I guess we know this will happen.

Do visit The Cook's Den for his recipes for the above dishes. What a wonderful way to celebrate your iPad purchase. So...... have you bought the iPad yet?

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