Thursday, 22 July 2010

I'll write until samsara ends!

A fellow blogger tweeted this morning "If you cannot dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit".  I fully embrace this phrase, because  this was my "philosophy" when I was churning out endless essay assignments / thesis for my MBA  course previously. And believe me, it worked (for me, at least).  Hahaha!

Jokes aside, recently I was sharing some light-hearted moments with a friend (*wink wink*) over sms (Whatsapp). Could not remember what was the conversation about but my friend said I must continue to blog. So jokingly, I promised my friend  "Ok, I'll write until samsara ends!". You see, I'm not so articulate.  I do not possess any other talents. I can only write. So, "I'll write until samsara ends" means I will continue to write as long as it can benefit at least one person in this life, then my purpose is served. In a broader spectrum, it means I hope to  continue to write in my next life as well as my future lifetimes, until everyone  benefits and is free from suffering, or until I become enlightened myself (hehe).  In other words, I aspire to be a Bodhisattva. Well, we all must have an ambitious goal, right? Wish me luck.

And just last night I came across this from Moonpointer, a Buddhist blog. It is titled "Why write so much?".  How appropriate and my exact sentiments. Thanks, Moonpointer.

A reason why I write a lot
is to record my ideas to share with others,
and even myself.

If I return in a future life,
may I stumble upon my words,
recollect and ‘revise’ whatever is worthy.

May I then have no need to re-write
to record my ideas to share with others
because it’s already all there.

Then again,
when I reach Pure Land,
I’ll be able to recall all these!

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