Saturday, 17 July 2010

Nando's - Peri delicious!

A long overdue post. I just have no time to compile, edit the photos.

During the school holidays, I usually would bring my niece and nephew out. The past June holidays they were so busy with their own program - home tuition, class tuition, school remedial lessons, art class - they were more busy during school vacation than school term! 

Anyway, they didn't have much time, so I only brought them out to eat and for some games about twice during the month-long holidays. We paid our virgin visit to Nando's - one of the latest restaurants in town.  I have been wanting to try their famous chicken for some time. We went at 11.40am, before the lunch crowd descended on this Chicken-land. I have heard about the horrendous long queues during peak hour.

There were still plenty of seats. Excellent. I really do not like a packed restaurant. Pretty nice decor..

Nando's is famous for their Peri-Peri sauces. By their Peri-O-Meter, there are different sauces for different spiciness as depicted on this wall mural.

Love their design and branding. Look at their menu.  Had a hard time persuading the kids to pose for photos, as usual.

Zoom in onto the Peri-Peri sauces - Hot, Extra Hot, Garlic, and Tomato Sauce. We tasted each and every of the sauces. Ooooo-lala... I like the Garlic Peri Peri.

Here's a recommended guide of which flavour you should order for your chicken. As I was with kids, we ordered the Mild Peri Peri and the Lemon & Herb (which Nando's termed "Not So Brave"). LOL! 

I present to you, Nando's Peri Peri Quarter Chicken with sides of fries and coleslaw (you could choose 2 sides). Nando's chicken is Flame-Grilled, not fried.

The chicken is butterfly-cut and marinated in a unique tasty marinade for a full 24 hours. What's inside the marinade and the sauces is a fiercely-guarded secret. This is the Half Chicken with Lemon & Herbs sauce. I really like the Potato Salad as well. I can't say I'm taken in with the Corn, there was just a peculiar smell and taste to it. 

The chicken is flame grilled to absolute perfection on an open flame - the result is a succulent piece done to perfection.  I actually like the chicken as is, without adding more sauces. However I did tried the Hot and Extra Hot sauces from the bottles. The Extra Hot is reallllyyyyy spicy.

A few weeks after my visit to Nando's, they had a random quiz in Twitter during World Cup season and I was one of the winners. Here was the goodie bag which just arrived. I've got a meal voucher in Nando's and a T-shirt. Thanks, Nando's!

Here's the front of the tee....

.... and here's the back. I have to agree, it was a nice treat for the taste buds. Nando's Chicken is peri-peri delicious and tasty! I'm coming back for more.....


  1. i'm vegetarian, but oh are you testing me hard with your beautifully pictured and delicious blogs....

  2. Wow great, you're a vegetarian! Lots of merits you have. Rejoice! I'm trying to go vegetarian, but not just yet...


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