Friday, 17 September 2010

Time with darlings

My niece and nephew are so busy with schoolwork, tuition and exams that we seldom have time to go out anymore. This was one of the days where they did not have to go school. Had a relaxing afternoon with them, just chilling out and what else but eating.

They wanted KFC, especially Cheesy Fries. We each ordered the different Snacker Meal which was $3.90. Nephew wanted Popcorn Snackers, niece wanted Drumstick Snackers and mine was Winglet Snackers. Each snacker came with a side of fries. I find the Snacker's price is more reasonable than the 2-piece or 3-piece meals which costs more than $6.  Nowadays the 2 piece meal is not that shiok or filling anymore. For the same price, I had rather go, for example, Astons Express.   

For dessert, we were at Awfully Chocolate.  

I still like their truly dark chocolatey Ice Cream best - rich, sinful, comfort.

Soft chocolate Cupcakes dressed in delicious soft chocolate icing with a dollop of dark chocolate fudge.

Looked like a volcano has erupted in the Cupcake. Look at the different layers of chocolate, fudge, cream, and cake. Yummy. 

Do they look bored? They just didn't want their photos taken. Heheh..

Previously, I've tried their original dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudgecake but it didn't make much of an impression. I just go for the ice cream in Awfully Chocolate.

Nephew likes the cute lime plastic green forks and spoons that he brought all of them home.

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  1. Actually, you know how to have a "shiok" and filling meal with KFC's 2 piece meal? Ask for the thighs and drums only when you order the 2 piece meal. It's more meaty and value for your bucks that way.


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