Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Minced Pork Patties

There is a dish which I often cook because it is very easy and simple to prepare and it tastes very delicious. Also you cannot really go too wrong with this dish - Minced Pork Patties.

My mom usually buys minced pork in packets. First we need to chop the minced pork into even finer paste. Ingredients added: both chopped onions and spring onions. Sometimes I throw in chopped garlic as well. Then the condiments used to marinate the minced pork are sesame oil, corn flour, light soya sauce, pepper. Mix them thoroughly and leave to marinate for at least an hour or longer. 

When you are ready to cook, heat up the wok and oil. Then using a spoon to scoop up the minced pork paste into lumps/balls, and add them into the hot wok. Flatten each ball into patties. Each side will take approximately 5 minutes to cook, till they are golden brown crisp.

Tadah! These are my pan-fried minced pork patties. Topped with some chopped spring onions, the dish is ready to be served. 

You can create a slightly wet version of these minced pork patties. After the pan-fried patties were taken off the wok, separately, add a little water, then add light and dark soya sauces with a pinch of sugar. Cook till it comes to a boil, and pour the gravy onto the patties. 

Or, there is another variation - Minced Pork Patties with Mustard Cai Sim. I added an additional ingredient into the minced pork patties paste mix and that is mustard chai sim.  Mustard cai sim gives the patties an appetising crunchy bite. The result was .... orgasmic!!!

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  1. I used to eat this at home lots, and suddenly had a craving for it. I'll attempt this for dinner tonight, but with tomatoes since that's what my family used.

    Thanks so much!


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