Friday, 31 December 2010

It's finally December ! Good bye, 2010 !

Here is my round up of December.  Good bye, 2010 !!! I didn't like you very much but I guess this is life. Hello 2011 !!!

The gigantic shopping mall opens in Serangoon
Nephew & niece scoring for coupons
Didn't get to meet Choden Rinpoche in KL
Guess which Sesame Street character is my favourite?
Impressive $4 Spring Chicken in Whampoa
These delish snacks from Tokyo, courtesy of sis.

TCM to the rescue! Sore throat for 2 weeks!
Specially blessed herbs to boil soup.
The entire Singapore was at Orchard Road!
Megamind: "I make bad look so good!"
Peanut Tang Yuan for the Winter Solstice
Handsome guy sighted at MRT stations!
I heart my mom's curry chicken to the max!
Just spending time before they grow up..
The beauty is nature.
Free ice cream! Thanks B&J!
This deserted house is somewhere in town
Found my Gustav Klimt painting in the storeroom
Uncle's special super spicy Xmas dish!
Had a nice Christmas Eve party!

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