Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Just Acia - great prices and free flow of.....

Discovered a little gem recently while finding lunch with a work mate. When one emerges from Dhoby Ghaut MRT, there is the area at the underground tunnel called Dhoby Ghaut Exchange. It is before you reach the basement of Plaza Singapura.  Here in Dhoby Ghaut Exchange, there are a number of little eateries, hair salons, and shops. 

We chanced upon Just Acia, an eatery which named themselves the "Best of Asia Noodles & Rice Sets".  But what really caught my eyes was "Set meals from $5.90 with FREE FLOW of cafe mocha, cappucino, soft drinks and ice cream". Sitting down at the open space with many available seats, Just Acia occupies the center of Dhoby Ghaut Exchange, the entire stretch in the center of all the little shops. They have a wide variety of choices of Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese themed dishes.

Could not really decide what to order and settled for the Dory Fish Noodle Set in Tomato Sauce.  When my lunch set came, I was pleasantly surprised.  The size was huge for the affordable price; a big bowl of noodles tomato soup which looked really spicy (but not), and 2 side dishes of Japanese Edamame (green soy beans) and Kimchi. They were generous with the ingredients, 2 big pieces of Fried Dory Fish in the noodles soup, with lots of mushroom, veggies and even a runny egg. The tomato based soup was thick, and quite satisfying. It reminded me of eating tomato-based pasta in soup.  If I have to complain, my only grouse was the noodles were not QQ chewy enough. They were a little soggy.

We ordered the Xi'an Spinach Fried Tofu which costs $2.90. It came with 3 big pieces of fried tofu with mashed spinach coated on top. They were hot and soft inside. I like the side dishes of Edamame and Kimchi.  I like biting and dislocating the Edamame beans from its pod. Even the Kimchi did not taste like the usual Korean kimchi. I guess it was freshly made, marinated with a slightly different taste and very crunchy.

Of course not forgetting our FREE FLOW drinks of cappucino, soft drinks, root beer and tubs and tubs of ice cream with different flavours to choose from. I had the Raspberry and Sweet Corn flavours that day.

Granted the quality of food might not have been on par with the high end restaurants, but Just Acia made it up with quantity and variety of choices.  All in all, a good lunch experience which was value for money for price-conscious diners. I believe it is the cheapest restaurant in Orchard Road. Even dining in food courts may not necessary be cheaper than what Just Acia had to offer.

Check out the variety of dishes in Just Acia website. Also, here are some reviews from other bloggers:

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