Thursday, 21 July 2011

Must try??!!

Wanted to have my kopi-C fix and a little snack one afternoon.  I saw this little open-space counter selling kaya toast, sandwiches, and all the hot /cold beverages, similar to the likes of Yakun, ToastBox, Kiliney etc...  Looking at the lighted sign box menu above the counter, I was pondering what to order.  Usually we pay extra attention to the side of individual items with a "Must try!", "Highly recommended", "Chef's choice".... etc... I was not in the mood to have the usual kaya toast, until I saw "Steamed Kaya Bread" with a "Must Try" in red print at its side.  This was the first time I saw "steamed kaya bread", so I thought why not give it a try.  More healthy.

You can imagine my surprised look when the counter staff gave me my order. It was just a plate of warm steamed plain white bread cut into cubes, which came with a mix of butter and kaya spread plopped inside a small plastic container and a tiny wooden 'knife' to spread your bread.  So, the "must try" steamed kaya bread is actually plain bread which I needed to DIY myself.  Fooled. 

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