Saturday, 9 July 2011

Green tea without ice

I was at McDonalds one lunch time. After placing and waiting for my order, one man in his 50s was next in the queue.

He asked the price difference between the French fries and the twister fries. Then he asked how much is the upsize price for each type of fries. Then he asked was the 40 cents more for upsize worth it. He then said better to take the regular fries. Next he asked if green tea is available in the set meal. Also, how much is the price difference between the set meal with green tea and the usual set meal. He said he wanted green tea. Then he said green tea without ice. He repeated this twice. Then he asked for Filet O Fish without the sauce please (he repeated it 3 times). And stressed again, green tea without ice.

He took out his wallet and took out stacks of $10 dollars, counted ALL the notes twice, before finally taking out two $2 notes. Then he rummaged his pocket for coins. Total order $4.80. Again he repeated "green tea, no ice please".

His order finally came, he took his tray of food to a table. Less than one minute later, he was back at the counter. He asked, "Can I have a glass of ice please? For my green tea."

1 comment:

  1. Hmm.. i think he feels the green tea will be more without ice?

    That's my personal thinking of it too.. No ice = more water. =)


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