Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Yummy prized finds in Geylang Lorong 29

Over the weekend, despite my very packed schedule, I had an impromptu meet up with my close friend J since Primary One for a little makan. We had a drink and cake in a little cafe before dinner. We had wanted to try the cafe's lemongrass drink but it turned out it tasted like ginger drink on that day!

Since we were very near Geylang, J suggested we try nice big premium pork belly satay at a coffeeshop in Lorong 29. We walked over to Sing Lian Eating House at 549 Lorong 29 along Geylang Road. There was a little queue at 6pm. We were told we had to wait for 30 minutes. So we decided to try some food from the other stalls in the same coffeeshop.

There is a stall selling duck rice and intestines and diffferent braised food. We ordered a small plate of duck meat, braised egg, and big intestines, as well as a big bowl of kwap chap to share. Do you notice the chilli sauce which is a mix of different types of chilli, a little tangy sourish and spicy at the same time?

The dish was quite tender and yummy, and well done with no peculiar smell. And the duck meat and intestines went well with the smooth kway chap. I forgot to note down the name of this stall, but it is in the same coffeeshop. Rating: 4.0/5

When one visits this coffeeshop, a must-try is the famous Swee Guan Hokkien Mee. We waited about 10-15 minutes for this dish because there was a queue too and many patrons ordered this noodle dish. I found out online that this stall is different and not to be mistaken with another stall named "Geylang Lot 29 Hokkien Mee" which is situated at Telok Kurau instead. This is Swee Guan Hokkien Mee. When the hokkien mee arrived, our first reaction was "wah, so messy!". The slightly moist noodles were splattered onto the plate. They did not bother 'arranging' the noodles nicely in the plate.

The initial shock of sight was replaced with heavenly taste. They were so generous with the ingredients of prawns, squid, lean meat, beansprouts, and tiny pieces of pork lard in such a small plate! There was "wok hei" and I learnt they used charcoal to fry this delicious Hokkien Mee. The slightly charred taste made this dish so delectable, makes me recall the Hokkien noodles of the past with nostalgia. No wonder they are so popular. I highly recommend this. Rating: 4.3/5

The dish we were waiting for finally arrived 35-40 minutes later, after we had finished our kway chap and hokkien mee. This is the famous Kwong Satay, aka. Premium Pork Belly Satay!!! As there were only 2 of us, we ordered 5 big sticks of the pork belly satay and 5 small sticks of the normal pork satay. Each premium stick of pork belly satay costs $1.00 (one dollar). The small satay stick cost 40cents each. Did you notice the satay gravy which had a little pineapple sauce in it? This is my favourite type of satay gravy, along with ketupat (rice cakes), small pieces of cucumber. I love small pieces of raw onions too but this stall does not serve onions.

These are the BIG sticks of Pork Belly Satay. Yes, our taste buds were satisfied, it was indeed very tender and marinated with sweet sauce and BBQ till optimum best with the corners a little charred. It IS indeed different from the other satay. It is particularly tender and juicy because they used pork belly. Dipping it into the satay peanut gravy, the satay was out of this world. I would safely say this is the best satay in Singapore.

Here is a comparison in size between the Premium pork belly satay and normal pork satay. The normal stick of satay was also nice, a tad sweeter than the premium version. It is not as tender as the pork belly satay but it is still tender compared to the other usual pork satay we are accustomed to, which may be quite hard at times. Rating: 4.5/5

Sing Lian Eating House is the corner coffeeshop at the junction of Lorong 29 and Geylang Road. Our stomachs were so full we could not try the other stalls. I would try the Fried Orh Luak in my next visit which seems to be popular with patrons as well. It was so surreal sitting at the roadside, eating, drinking and chatting with a close friend, absorbing the hustle and bustle of crowded Geylang on a weekend, people-watching, as well as watching the skies turned dark. Thanks, J, for the meet up!

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