Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tony Leung as LKY?

This is too hilarious. Just heard that HK actor Tony Leung is going to play Lee Kuan Yew in an upcoming movie about Singapore's post-independence years. It is a jointly-produced film between Hong Kong and Singapore titled “1965″. With a star cast of Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung and Oscar-nominee Julian Moore, the producers hope to to rewrite Singapore’s film history. 

A reader sent this poster to theonlinecitizen. The onlinecitizen asks, "Does that mean Andy Lau gets to play Goh Keng Swee?"

Within one hour, more than 100 comments came in fast and furious.... they went wild with imagination...

Vanessa Choo 
"Some one with Shek Kin's looks will be more suitable to play LKY."

Kirsten Han

Tony Wee
"I wonder who plays LHL, Eric Tsang?"

Simon Mok
"Eric tsang can be MBT lah...hahaha"

Wiki Wawa
"Gurmit Singh to be President Nathan !"

Jeff Leong
"Omg lah. 偶像变"呕相"."

Julian Lim
"Tony Leung: "I want to tell you a secret". "I'm a communist"

Emeritus Zaabah
"Patricia Mok to be Mrs Lee ....LOL"

Kent Yeoh
"Sure box office. A trip to the cinema will be a school excursion for all the school kids. Also free packet food for the aunties and uncles ( for once, the "no outside food" policy of cinemas will be waived)."

Yvonne Chia
"Is this a stunt by PAP to reverse its ailing image & reputation?"

Leon Yap
"Will it be a comedy?"

Dennis JZ
"wonders who's really funding the movie..."

William Chan
"hey it would be interesting... to see LKY speaking mandarin... bcos back then he cant speak, read or write a word in mandarin!!! or r they going to get Tony to speak in English while the rest of the cast speaks... dialects? LOL"

Koh Wee Kee
"I wont be watching Tony Leung and Maggie cheung movies after this.."

William Chan
"LOL did anyone check out the emoticon comments at the end of the article? 14% thinks its ridiculous, 14% is troubled by it, 28% fainted LOL 28% peng san"

Hahaha! I think Tony Leung is going to lose many Singaporean fans after this.

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  1. The producers should'nt have picked Tony Leung for THAT role-he's too handsome !


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