Sunday, 4 September 2011

Peony Jade 玉河畔 @ Clarke Quay

Four of my close friends and I visited Peony Jade Restaurant at Clarke Quay for a birthday celebration for one of them. We ordered the ala carte buffet lunch because Peony Jade has been consistently good in all their dishes. I remember when we visited the restaurant 3 years ago, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Especially with the dessert of a very special lemongrass ice cream, which we ordered again and again. However we were so disappointed that this exquisite light dessert has been phased out.

I'll let the photos do the talking. We were quite satisfied with the quality of food presented and the variety. Among the 5 of us, we ordered and tried a total of 17 types of dishes, excluding desserts! Bon appetit!

Salad Prawns

Sauteed Pork Ribs with Almond Sauce
Vietnamese Rolls
Roast Crispy Chicken
Smoked Duck
Gong Bao Chicken with Onions
Deep Fried Silver Fish
Braised Abalone with Chinese Mushroom
Deep Fried Ribs with Pork Floss
French Beans with Hia Bee Hiam
Stir Fried Prawns with Wasabi Sauce
Braised Sea Cucumber
Stir Fried Ostridge Meat with Bittergourd
Braised Sambal Egg Plant
Chilli Crab
Man Tou Buns for Chilli Crab
Steamed Barracuda Fish
Enjoyable lunch @ Peony Jade
The birthday girl
We were extremely full and quite happy with this gathering /celebration over a satisfying meal. Happy happy happy birthday to my dearest dearest friend, LY!!! She is one of my closest friend for the longest time. We have known each other since primary one. May you always be happy, healthy and be blessed with all the good things in life! May our friendship grow and grow and become stronger and stronger!

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