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Vote for Miss Singapore Valerie Lim into Miss Universe 2011 Finals !!! @dweam

I'm garnering some support through this post and for once, this blog is going to be full of eye candy. Haha! I'm referring to the coming Miss Universe 2011 Pageant and the beauty queen who is going to do us Singaporeans proud is Miss Valerie Lim, the reigning Miss Singapore Universe 2011. She was crowned just 2 months ago.

Valerie is a fellow Cancerian whom I got to know online.  In fact I know her more as "dweam", her online moniker, as well as the beauty blogger of  From a couple of years of tweeting with each other and some conversation exchange here and there, I found her to be really a girl next door, with no airs about her.  She is forthcoming, very sincere and warm-hearted. Valerie exudes confidence and poise, on top of a friendly and frank demeanor. She won over all the judges in the Miss Singapore Universe 2011 pageant with her wit and stage presence.

Valerie is not new to beauty competitions. In fact, she was crowned Miss Earth 2009.  She is 26 years old and to her advantage, a height of 1.79m! In her day job, she is a behaviourial therapist dealing with autistic children. Pretty impressive, as the prerequisites of this job requires tact, patience and an incredible good kind heart!

Crowning of Miss Earth 2009
Valerie is currently in Sao Paolo, Brazil, preparing for the Miss Universe 2011 pageant finals with all the beauties of the world.  I managed to catch up with Valerie amidst her very busy and packed schedule, and she has graciously granted me a very brief interview. 

STUMPBO:  Which candidates are you closest to in this pageant? 

VALERIE:  I'm loving all my Asia-Pac girls: Thailand, China, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Philippines and including New Zealand too!

STUMPBO: Who do you think has the highest chance of becoming the next Miss Universe and why?

VALERIE:  Everyone stands a chance because they're all really beautiful and everyone puts in effort to dress up, groom themselves and keep fit. Beauty also comes from within and they're all worthy of the Miss Universe title.

STUMPBO:  What do you miss about Singapore so far?

VALERIE: Missing SG food! :D And the weather occasionally. It's Winter going to Spring  in Sao Paolo and can get occasionally chilly but I love the cold here too!

STUMPBO:  If you become Miss Universe 2011, what is the first thing you would like to do?

VALERIE: I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has shown their support one way or another to me being Miss Universe. Maybe throw a big party and Samba! ;)

Photo credits: Fotocology
STUMPBO:   What's in Sao Paolo that has touched and charmed you?

VALERIE just blogged briefly about Sao Paolo and here is an excerpt. She would be updating more about her experience in Sao Paolo in her blog in the coming days. Look out for it! 

"We first traveled to the Hilton from the airport, to the stately Brasil flag that flew on its mast, the graffiti laden walls and impressive buildings, there’s a sort of sleepy yet romantic charm about the Sao Paulo city."

"Despite this calm, made even more conspicuous in the veil of the rain and an overcast sky today, the energy of the Brasilian people is a stark contrast to the city. Like a strong heartbeat, the Brasilian people are steady and vibrant. Both Samba and football are perfect examples of this brilliant energy. One cannot help but want to dance when in the presence of either".

Photo credits:  Brad Lau, Callan Tham
Here's more eye candy, Valerie and the other beauty queens, as they prepare for the heated competition on 12 Sept 2011.  

Valerie and her stylist, Kelly
Now here's what we can do to lend our support to Valerie. This may be the first time we can get Singapore into the semi-finals by online voting. Anyone located in, and a legal resident of, the home countries of the 2011 Miss Universe contestants can cast their vote(s) for the Miss Universe contestant of their choice. 

To vote, log on to or and follow the instructions. You need to provide your email address, confirm you are 16 years of age or older, and  your acceptance of the voting terms and conditions.

Then vote by clicking Valerie Shu Xian Lim !!!

You may vote online up to 10 times per e-mail address per day!  Internet voting is now open until Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 6pm ET.  The results will be revealed to the home viewing audience during the Miss Universe live telecast on September 12, 2011 and posted on after the show.

Here's a clip of Valerie answering some questions in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Live telecast of the Miss Universe 2011 Pageant from Sao Paulo is on 12th September Sao Paulo time 10pm (Singapore is 11 hours ahead, approximately 9am Singapore time). Watch out for it! I can't wait!

I absolutely love this gorgeous photo of Valerie.  


Val, may you win big time and do Singapore proud! GOOD LUCK!! You go, girl !!!

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