Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Condemn this cruel act in Singapore

Saw this clip from Cat Welfare Society and I am disturbed and disgusted. It was captured by the CCTV of a local vet clinic, James Tan Veterinary Centre at Whitley Road.  

"This is the footage of what appears to be a large-sized man (with a child) who drives a Mercedes Benz, dumping a cat in the bin of a local vet clinic. The cat (sterilised) was rescued 6 hours later by the clinic staff and is currently recuperating though it's in shock. Please spread the word. Pet abandonment is a crime punishable by law. We hope that folks can help with info that will lead to the identification and apprehension of the perpetrator."

This fat Ang moh man aka. cat dumper has got to be condemned and be held accountable for his act. What is worse then abandoning a cat (supposedly his pet) in broad daylight and dumping it into a rubbish bin, with no air to breathe for 6 hours (till it was found and rescued)? And he was performing such a cruel act in front of an impressionable little kid?  How outrageous is that?

If the cat was not discovered and died due to suffocation, this cat dumper would have created the causes and conditions to be reborn as a cat in his next life. The workings of Karma. Does he even know and realise that?

Please help to spread the word and catch the culprit.

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