Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Romankon Yokohama Katsu Sandwich

Believe or not, this post has been in draft mode for more than a year! I just did not get round to posting it.  Sometimes my mom and I will go shopping in Orchard Road. Mom likes to go Takashimaya because her favourite clothes brand is there.  Sometime last year, we were there again, where mom got a few tops.

We needed a rest, so we had a little tea time break at the basement of Takashimaya, where there were many stalls and shops, especially a few quaint small Japanese cafes. I thought the sandwiches at Romankon Yokohama looked interesting.  Morever, they are handmade Katsu sandwiches.  I love my Japanese food and Pork Katsu.  Both of us shared a set which came with a drink too, nicely packaged.

Romankon Yokohama Handmade Katsu Sandwich
The set came with 2 sandwiches, chips, a cuppa coffee..
It also includes a salad.... I especially like Japanese salad which is light and appetising
Deep Fried Pork Katsu sandwiches with lettuce, onions & tomato and sauce
Very juicy, crunchy, a little unique Katsu with lighted toasted  bread
We also tried the Banana Chocolate Tokyo Crepe from Fukuoka Tenjin, yummy!

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