Thursday, 8 December 2011

"Not like day flooding, everybody call police!"

My cousin's parents have finally returned home, to their flooded neighbourhood Bangkae. They had been away staying in another province. My cousin did a cute collage of her mom (my aunt), her big boss, going to work. 

This is my lovely, kind and generous aunty. May she always be blessed with wealth, great health and happiness!

My aunty's security guard and their home-made raft made of crates and plastic containers.
Aunty's workers got picked up and sent home in a boat! Kudos!

Yesterday, The Noose announced its comeback of season 5 with a hilarious spoof in Youtube, featuring the Thailand floods. However it was mysteriously removed today. I guess it may be due to Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra's visit to Singapore today. However someone reposted this clip again. Haha. 

Saw from another website many photos of how the Thai people reacted to this testing period of floods. The online citizen aptly commented, "In times of flood, we complain. The Thais innovate". Indeed, I have a renewed respect for the Thais. Here are some of the photos...

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