Saturday, 16 June 2012

She says, "Ami tuo hoot!"

My grandma came to stay over for a night. When I got home late, she woke up (she slept quite early at 8pm) and called my name. I was so happy she can still remember my name!  

Although grandma is not senile, some of her memories are gradually failing. So at times, she does not remember what had happened, or she would forget she was cooking something (the pot got burnt in the end). However she can recall some of those things that happened many years ago.  

While chatting with her in Teochew, I asked her why she slept so early and what time she usually wake up (we have the same conversation umpteen times before).  She would tell me the same thing over and over again, that she sleeps around 7-8pm every night and wakes up at 4am. As usual, I would ask why wake up so early. She would reply, "I wake up at 4am to boil water, wash clothes, say my prayers and go for morning walk."

She says in Teochew, "wa liam keng". (I recite prayers). I ask her what prayers, she replies, "Ami tuo hoot!" (which is Namo Amitabha). May my grandma enjoy a long and healthy life with a clear mind, and may she be connected with and be blessed by the Buddhas in all her lifetimes.

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