Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hiap Chiang Prawn Noodles

I am always excited whenever I find some very old school food from the past era. At the main junction along Selegie Road, there is a very old shophouse coffeeshop, Hiap Chiang Eating House, where Rex Cinema is nearby and diagonally opposite The Verge.  

Inside the simple and rather dilapidated coffeeshop, there are only a few tables and only one stall selling prawn noodles soup and drinks.  It is operated by a couple of old men and an elderly lady. 

They only sell prawn noodles soup, not even the dry version.  You can choose from yellow noodles, to thick bee hoon to kway teow.  The ingredients available are prawns (deshelled), pork ribs and pig skin (which is rather unusual). This is the first time I see a prawn noodles soup stall selling its noodles with pig skin.  
I ordered the combination of yellow noodles and thick bee hoon, prawns and pork ribs, with beansprouts and a few strands of kangkong, What I love is their thick well-cooked broth.  The soup is dark, not too cloudy and very wholesome, its taste exactly what I used to find in old stalls when I was a little kid. Unlike those famous prawn noodles soup in Singapore, they do not come with chilli powder. It is served with red cut chilli. I actually prefer this version. Throwing in the red cut chilli into the soup.  I finished all the noodles and ingredients before taking my time to slurp up every drop of the wonderful broth.  

If you are nearby, check this stall out. 

Hiap Chiang Eating House
215 Selegie Road
Tel: 6837 0328 

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