Monday, 2 July 2012

Pull your ear!

I was just moping about having 50 draft posts in this blog, which are all half written and I am simply too lazy to complete them. Or rather, I lost the momentum of the said topics to write more. Lost inspiration. 

I realise that nowadays I blog whatever that came to my mind. I must quickly post my chain of thoughts, otherwise if I proscrastinate, it will remain unfinished forever.

So here's a random post, about... my earlobe. Haha!   I have always love my ears and especially my earlobes. They are long and fleshy and smooth. When I was a baby/toddler, I would be drinking from and holding my milk bottle on my left hand, and my right hand, I would be rubbing on my earlobes. All babies have a habit of touching or rubbing a soft toy, or corner of blanket, or something when they are sucking milk. For me, it was the earlobe!  It felt so  calming,  rhythmatic and soothing, that I had be asleep in no time!

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