Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Are you for keeps?

Sometimes I just find it hard to understand people.

I hate it when I find out that friends, I mean close friends, lie to me. For instance, we were supposed to meet for a dinner appointment or attend some event together. Was told that friend had to work late, but somehow mysteriously I found out friend had another dinner appointment with someone else. Could have just told me the truth, I wouldn't have minded.

Then when I miraculously found out some friends are in connection with fake gurus, how can I not do something? But even when after my repeated warnings fell on deaf ears, then why should I bother anymore? I have tried my best. It has been said before, if a teacher is not qualified, it is best not to have even the slightest affinity / connection with the said person. That means not reading or listening to that particular person's teaching, not making the connection with that person's organisation or participating in that person's events. Otherwise negative karma is created to meet with unauthentic gurus in future lifetimes, again and again. We can only show compassion and pray that our friends awaken to the truth. And I am extremely sad and disappointed when my advice has fallen on deaf ears.

Recently I realise that I do have conflicts with a friend. It happens again and again, that I think it's time to evaluate the friendship. I treasure the friendship very much because I feel there is a very strong past life connection between us. I always dream of this friend with my grandmother, not once, not twice but three times within 6 months. There has to be some connection somewhere. I have treated friend as a confidante. But if circumstances make it so difficult to maintain this friendship, I think all I can do is... leave it.  

Somehow I think I am rather fortunate. There are always telling signs from the Universe that appear to me, which serve to alert me who are those for keeps and who are those to let go. I always manage to find out who are those trustworthy, and who are those who are not sincere or betrayed me. The truth always surfaces beneath the lies. Blessings from those gone beyond, and protectors. May we be connected again in better times, with the right cause and condition, perhaps in the next life.  

May my motivation for friends remain pure. May my heart remain pure. May I envelope samsara with great compassion. 

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