Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy birthday, my darling nephew! ♥

The month of October is my nephew's 11th birthday. He has grown up so much physically, taller, and not as naughty as he used to be.  At least now he has become more obedient, more conscious of his behaviour.  But he is still a cheeky manja baby at times. 

As usual, we were so busy snapping photos of the birthday boy. Like we always say, kids nowadays are so lucky, to have parents and family doting on them and showering them with gifts and celebrations. When my sis and I were my nephew's age, we hardly dine out at restaurants. 

The birthday boy chose Nandos for his birthday dinner.  The family we ordered the jumbo platter of the peri peri famous chicken wings. 

The most favourite part of every kid's birthday is opening presents. My smart nephew had hinted (rather directly) to different people different models of Nerf Guns series he wanted.  I got him the Recon CS6 yellow gun, his mommy got him the Retaliator while his sister got him the smaller Jolt gun. I think that made him a very happy birthday boy. 

Happy Birthday, R!  Yee yee loves you!!! 

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