Thursday, 10 January 2013

Getting there

It is amazing when I chased for an outstanding huge sum from an overseas debtor company, I have to deal with so many correspondences from them just to justify why they could not pay at this moment. Yet at the same time they are demanding for the 'goods' to be delivered 'on time' by a specific date, even though they are aware the 'goods' could not be delivered if no payment has been made. Clearly they do not know what is 'COD'. I am amazed at the number of excuses people can come up with during the course of daily work, to protect their back.   

I am just utterly befuddled an early email could make me lose my cool, even though I 'enjoyed' refuting them point by point in my 'powerful' professional sarcastic English. Actually I am increasingly tired of the business world, of cunning businesmen, of unjust law and (dis)order and protocol. I know how they act, how they breathe, how they react.... within my fingers' tip. Even though I can contain them well, I feel it is such an unreal and unkind way of behaviour and living. That is increasingly how I do not want my life to be.... to be only concerned for power and fame and money, to be only worried about the mundane samsaric stuff of this life. There has to be a better kinder way of living and making money.

I am searching for more to life. I have found the way to do it. Now is just getting there.   

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