Sunday, 3 November 2013

Eclipse day and an update!

Today 3 Nov 2013 is the last eclipse of this year. Whenever there is an eclipse it is a very auspicious day for prayers and doing everything positive in order to create merits. This is because on eclipse days, whatever merits you create is multiplied by thousands or millions times. For today the solar eclipse is between Singapore time 6.05pm to 11.28pm. The eclipse peaks at 8.49pm. 

I had such a restful Sunday, recuperating from very bad shoulder pain for the past few weeks. It was so bad that I could not turn to my right or left when sleeping. I had to sleep face up. Luckily my sleep was not compromised. Anyway I feel so much better today. I even mopped the floor and packed my room. By the way I have a new room layout again. Whenever I feel the need for change to improve the energy of the room, I will rearrange my furniture again. Diehard hobby. 

I did not consciously intend to be vegetarian today. However, coincidentally my brunch was fried black carrot cake and that lasted until dinner and my mom cooked Sayur Lodeh (curry mixed vegetables). So in the end it turned out to be a non-meat day which is just right for today. 

Happiness is sending little blessed gifts by post to a friend in Norway, whom I just got acquainted with online. Feels like the old days when the only way to keep in touch with pen pals is writing long letters and sending by snail mail. Today I received a message from her that the parcel has arrived!  Although the gifts do not cost much but they have been consecrated and blessed by the Rinpoches, thus each item has special significance, they are priceless. My friend said she was both overwhelmed and touched. :)

In the late afternoon I went to run an errand and to buy some necessities from Parkway Parade. I am so happy Daiso the $2 shop has opened an outlet there. Managed to get some stuff to 'revamp' my personal altar. I need to do up the 'ceiling' of the altar. Also to finally get the lights on the altar fixed once and for all. The previous colorful lights had stopped working yesterday. So I finally found a solution to the type of lights I like, ie. flat LED light in the form of a wand-like stick instead of those in strips which I was eyeing. Again I did all these without knowing today is an eclipse day until a Dharma friend sent me a sms about it.

So I got home, fixed the lights and 'ceiling', cleaned my altar thoroughly, and rearranged my precious dharma books and cabinet. Since my personal altar is so small and I have many beautiful blessed photos of Buddhas and holy objects, it is often a tussle in deciding which ones to put up. Apart from Lama Tsongkhapa statue, the photos sometimes change. That is why my altar 'design' is always slightly different. Haha! Here's a glimpse of the latest arrangement.  I always feel very blissful looking at all the holy objects in my altar. 

So on this eclipse day, after dinner at 8pm I started to do an extensive session of my daily prayers followed by extensive dedication. I feel so good and extremely happy afterwards. And here I am blogging about it.

It has been hectic for the past 3 over months (in fact come to think about it, hectic this entire year). In addition, this year is officially the year of death. I did a count. Since the end of last year 2012 until last week, there is a total of 11 people that I know of passing away. I hope there is no more for now. 

Just last week, an aunt of mine passed away suddenly, and that was really a shock to everyone. Last Sunday, as she was bathing, she fainted and just passed away. The scan showed it was coronary artery disease. Something ruptured near her heart. My 75 year old aunt was very health conscious, very healthy with no prior sickness. She had a very healthy diet, and the food she cooked was always very bland with no oil. She exercised daily and she could walk faster than any of us youngsters. Although we did not meet often, I know my aunt doted me. The last she called me was in late August when I was busy at the Grand Puja. I missed her call and I forgot to return call. So I am feeling quite guilty now. May my aunt have a good perfect human rebirth as soon as possible and continue to practise the Dharma again. 

That is why I termed this year as the Year of Death. I have learned a precious lesson on impermanence within such a short period. By becoming aware of impermanence, by observing it and by understanding it, we can then find a suitable remedy for the sorrow of human life and achieve liberation the quickest possible from the process of impermanence. Om mani padme hum.

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